Network Management System

We also offer comprehensive service expertise in fault and performance monitoring of servers, applications and network devices by detecting, recovering and limiting the impact of system failures.

We implemented NMS by utilizing HP Products as follows:

  • HP Operations Manager.
  • HP Network Node Manager.
  • HP Business Service Management.
  • HP Service Manager.
  • HP Universal Configuration Management Database.
  • HP Server Automation.
Asset Management

We supply Asset Management solution that manages assets procurement, lifecycle, maintenance and disposal of both non-IT and IP based Assets for usage maximization and cost effectiveness.

The tools used are HP Asset Manager 9.31, HP Universal Discovery Inventory Assets and ASSIST.

Virtual Tape Library

We manage centralized and comprehensive Backup Solution of Servers and Applications using HP Data Protector.

Data Voice Archiving

We offer Data and Voice Archival by using HP Vertica in maintaining and analyzing structured and semi-structured data in extensive scale.

Project Management & Implementation

Project Management services from ITCapital are designed to help you to manage your project throughout the IT life cycle. Our project managers adhere to industry standards, ITCapital-specific methodologies and principles, which focus on optimizing project success.

We apply our knowledge, skills, tools, and best practices to meet your project requirements including schedule, budget, solution and/or service quality, and most importantly your customer satisfactions.

Managed Deployment Services / Desktop Lifecycle Management

This covers all day-to-day activities associated with deployment of client’s IT assets including the scheduling and installation of hardware and software, changes to configuration, de-installation and relocation of equipment, including connectivity testing, data transfer and user orientation.

Activities concerning hardware relocation or de-installation, along with changes to configurations will be performed to a schedule and mutually agreed standards, with minimum loss of user’s productivity time.

Nationwide Maintenance Infrastructure Services Implementation

It involves system architect, design & implementation as well as preventive & corrective maintenance infrastructure.

Enterprise Installations Services

It involves onsite expertise of installing and configuring Operating System for the clients Enterprise environment to enable integration with existing or developed applications.

VMware Services

We are certified VMware partners in providing services of VMware implementation on your organization. Package of services include:

  • Assessment to current environment on capacity planning.
  • Provide a recommendation based on assessment study.
  • Architecture design to suite the environment.
  • Installation, configuration and implementation.
  • Support and maintenance services.
High Speed Broadband

HSBB offers Internet access to residential and business customers in Malaysia through an optical fiber core network. Appointed by Telekom Malaysia as one of the key Unifi partners, we cover nationwide installation and restoration support in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Alor Setar as well as sub urban areas such as Temerloh, Kulai, Rawang, Dengkil.

HSBB Installation Scopes of Works include:

  • Underground Fibre Optics Installation, Laying and Testing
  • Installation of Fibre and Access Point into Premise
  • Testing and Commissioning
Safety Compliance

We offer complete compliance and competencies to the Principal for HSBB Project in the area of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in performing HSBB Installation. The final goal of our Safety & Health Management Plan policy is to ensure the safety and health of all personnel, to eliminate property damage and to provide safe, efficient and comfortable working and living environment during the entire installation period.

Through National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), UNIFI installers are required to undergo few safety trainings as follow:

  1. TM – NIOSH Safety Passport
  2. AESP – TM (Authorized Entrant and Standby Person for Confined Space)
  3. AGTES – (Authorized Gas Tester and Entry Supervisor for Confined Space)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.

Among our services offered include:

  • Current system design audit via phone, face-to-face & workshops.
  • Review of CRM implementation plan.
  • Consulting on Sales Proccess.
  • Consulting on Service Proccess Review and re-design of systems documentation if poorly done or non-existent.
  • Review, recommendation and re-implementation of CRM.
  • Review Prototyping fast deploy solutions.
Database Solution

Mason provides professional installation of Oracle database, Microsoft SQL, Application Servers and open-sourced Linux environments. These installations are configured to your requirements, utilizing the best practises gained from installations at over 50 customers through multiple versions to the latest supported version on multiple platforms from Windows to the different flavours of Unix/Linux. During the installation we will document the exact configuration and transfer our expert knowledge and best practises to your team.

  • Integration to legacy systems – moving to centralize data improves.
  • Visibility and accuracy.
  • Data clean-up and migration.
  • Converting from de-supported or legacy products to current solutions.
Incentive Compensation

Mason provides a solution that is flexible, rule-based as opposed to programming-code based and is a market leading incentive compensation management solution.

This will provide:

  • Instant visibility and clarify of compensation and incentives to all compensated individuals.
  • Fast alignment of sales strategies to compensation plans through rapid deployment of new compensation plans.
  • Better sales as a result of increased salesperson morale through accurate and timely payment of incentives.

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